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Types of Kidneys Transplant

Deceased donor transplant

We may arrange a healthy donated kidney from a brain dead/deceased donor. That is someone, who is dead and donated his kidney as per the medical protocol. Usually, it executed surely the donor and recipient are often in the same citizenship/region. To reduce the time the kidney is outside an individual body.

Living donor transplant

A living organ donor, who give one of their kidneys are known and called a living donor. That may be a family member, blood relative, family friend or even stranger. That person will need a proper health check to see whether the kidney is a good match clinically.

Diseased Donor Kidney Transplanted from 1971 to 2015

Pre-emptive kidney transplant

It is a kidney transplant before traveling in for dialysis. A pre-emptive kidney transplant process is a kidney transplant that necessitates place before your kidney function deteriorates to the point of requiring dialysis.

Diagnosis for a kidney transplant

(ERSD) End-Stage Renal Disease is the beginning reason for undergoing a kidney transplant. Wherein, it can not cured by medical treatments. Dialysis and kidney transplantation are the only life-saving option for this condition.

Actual Kidney Requirement

Compared to dialysis, a kidney transplant is associated with:

  • Better quality of life,
  • Lower risk of death,
  • Fewer dietary restrictions,
  • Lower treatment cost

The procedure of Kidney Transplant


Step I -Medical and Psychological assessment

The doctor decides whether you are sufficient healthy for surgery. That you have a situation, would make transplantation difficult to succeed also examined. Whether you are psychologically ready for the duties of caring for a transplanted kidney. You will need to have blood examinations as well as other tests to check your cardiac and other organs. Your blood group and other leveling factors.

If your medical evaluation proves you. That you are a candidate for a transplant; Your transplant center will submit your name to be put on the waiting program for a kidney from a deceased donor. The waiting time phase may range to even some years.

If a friend or family member desires to donate a kidney. That person will need health profiling to test whether the kidney is a suitable match in such circumstances. You do not need to be put on the waiting list and can schedule the surgery when it is available for you and your donor.

Step II:- Blood tests for cross-matching before transplant

The transplant team concedes 3 factors in matching kidneys with potential receivers. These matching factors support predict whether your body’s immune system—will accept or reject the newly transplanted kidney.

Blood type

Your blood group —A donor should be compatible for A, B, AB, recipient. Otherwise, the O group is the universal donor who is the most compatible donor for anyone. In spite, Blood type is the most important parallel factor…

Human leukocyte antigens.

These 6 antigens are proteins that support your immune system tell the difference between your self-body’s tissues and foreign substances.

Cross-matching antigens.

A laboratory technician combines a small sample of your blood with a sample of the organ donor’s blood in a tube to examine if the compound causes a reaction. If no reaction befalls—called a negative cross-match or simply known “its a match” —the transplant can proceed.

Step III – Procedure

Worked under general anesthesia, a procedure may last 3 to 4 Hrs. The damaged kidney is left in position; and not separated from the body unless it is infected.

The donor kidney will be installed in the receiver lower abdomen. The surgeon specialist connects the artery and vein directly from the donor’s kidney to an artery and a vein in the patient body so recipient blood flows through your new kidney.

The surgeon connects the ureter from the donor’s kidney to receiver bladder, letting urine flow from the new kidney to patient bladder. The new kidney may commence working right away or may take up to some weeks to make urine until then patient required dialysis treatment.

Step IV-After procedure

You will have to stay in the hospital for a 10 to 15 days after you receive your donor’s kidney. As per a few cases, the patient may have to receive dialysis until the donor’s kidney starts functioning well.

An immune system detects patient new kidney as foreign. So it will try and reject it. Thus to keep a body from rejecting the donor’s kidney. You will have to take immunosuppressant prescriptions that overcome body immune response.

  • Antibiotics are prescribed after the transplant procedure to prevent infections.
  • Follow-ups plays an important role for successful transplantation
  • Regular checkups originally weekly and constantly reducing the frequency of testing to ascertain; “how well the kidney is working and not going into rejection incident.
  • Complications of the procedure,
  • As in any surgery kidney transplant operation to carries a risk of complications
  • Blood clots
  • Infection can also be transmitted from the donor’s kidney
  • Bleeding
  • Leaking from or blockage of the ureter tube, that links the kidney to the bladder
  • Failure/rejection of the donated kidney

Side effects of immunosuppressant medications like bone damage and bone-thinning osteoporosis (osteonecrosis ); Increased the risk of infections especially skin cancer, and weight gain.

Factors Affecting the Cost Of Kidney Transplant

The expense to the patient depends on a difference of factors like

  • The hospital, the patient chooses.
  • Room – Super deluxe, deluxe and or Standard single room for the number of nights specified (including meals, nursing fee, room rate, and room service).
  • Package cost for the team of doctors and OT charges
  • cost of medications
  • Standard tests and diagnostic procedures.
  • Cost of the follow –up care required after the transplant procedure

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