For Medsill OPD plans

Our claim process is very quick and easy as mentioned below: –

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  1. Collect all bills copy during the treatment process. Scan bills and share along with your bank cancelled cheque/ Google/Paytm No. to
  2. For singe visit: Claim should reach within 2 weeks from the doctor visit.
  3. Multiple Visits: complete your treatment course first; if required multiple visits. after latest doctor which should be within 2 weeks than submit your claim request.
  4. Such case will not be considered:
    1. Latest(last) doctor visit is more than 15 days old.
    2. if difference between prescribed and pharmacy bills.
    3. in case of lab investigation sample collection should be done within 2 days of prescribed tests.
    4. any medicine/ test if not prescribed by the consultant.
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