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Welcome to Medsill OPD Health Plan.

We are here full year long to cover your all doctor visits expense for doctor fee, medicine and lab test. This is very unique health plan in India which give you large coverage on pre-existing disease to seasonal illness.

Why should think Doctor Visit first?

There are so many seasonal effect which can cover automatically just following some home remedies or say grand ma tips. But if you have allergic problem than you must require to visit to doctor since it can lead to risky gateway to health. Similarly if you have other seasonal problem such as cold, flu,  fever so on.  You must visit your doctor immediately without waiting since many of us very careless and think it will recover automatically.

Everybody has different immune system.

Despite we all are having similar organs but every person has different body immune system. So same home remedy does not work many times.

Should we change the doctor

Well, This depend if you do not get satisfactory results with your existing disease. One thing always we recommend to share each and little problem while visiting the doctor. A doctor can be good for you if you share your full health condition.

Don’t feel shy while taking the opinion by doctor. Be frank, since your objective is to get right cure and moreover you are paying for that to particular consultant.

How to reduce cost.

Always request to doctor to write generic medicine if possible. Secondly, You can purchase a doctor visit plan to reduce the cost since they minimize your cost on doctor visits. There are various advantage such as no need to change your consultant or follow your treatment with new GP.

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