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Should you buy a Critical Illness OPD Care, even if they already have a mediclaim insurance policy?

A procedure to treat a critical disease takes time and money both. It is more important in case of a patient is an earning head. Being a family head, more responsibility required for other members of the family. This is quite likely that you will have to take leave from work to get treatment wherein many doctor visit required to follow.

Burning your monthly income?

Frequent doctor visits may increase your medical expenses. Because doctor visits generally required to diagnose through prescribed medicine and some medical test to understand clear picture for final treatment. And medicine can be prescribed based upon the clinical evaluation further.

Majorly, Your mediclaim policy will only reimburse your hospitalization bills subject to their terms and conditions. This is a bitter truth that most illness does not require to be hospitalized. Ergo, there is no true sill to recover your medical expenses happened without hospitalization. But MedSill Critical care plan goes beyond just hospitalization expense and helps you cover all other expenses like doctor visit fees, cost of medicines etc.

If you are not having a medsill critical care cover, you must ready to dip into all the hard earned money to erode that you have saved. The high cost for quality treatment can lead to eroding years of saved money within just a few months.

A useful gateway to medsill care

The MedSill will give you the liberty to have a treatment at your choice of consultant, ergo you are not bound to push at kind of network doctor. Because MedSill is a gateway that gives you complete freedom while taking treatment in your tough time. MedSill critical care allows you on all such doctor who diagnose all major critical illness like Cardiologist, Gaestronlogist, Urologist, Orthopedics, Ophthalmologist, Diabetic specialist, Oncologist, Spine & neurologist and many more.

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