Sumbit Mazumdar from Kolkata gets Complete Cardiac Treatment with OPD procedure!


Sumbit Mazumadar is 46 years old from Kolkata. He was diagnosed with an enlarged heart a while back. This happened when he started having symptoms like breathing issues and altered heart rate. Persisting symptoms made him anxious and he went to a cardiologist near him. After asking about all the signs and symptoms in detail, the cardiologist suspected a cardiac disorder. This was trailed by a series of investigation such as a chest x-ray, an MRI, ECG and some routine blood investigations. It was deduced from the reports that the Sumbit’s heart is larger in size than normal.

Soon he started the treatment than as advised by the cardiologist in Kolkata. He started taking medications that included Glyceryl Trinitrate and Apo-ISDN. His symptoms got better than before. However, he still had a few persisting issues related to the liver and the lungs. Therefore, he wanted to seek some advanced treatment for which he decided. While he was looking for the Best OPD Health plans in India to reduce his opd expenses he stumbled upon the site of Medsill for OPD Healthcare. Then, he posted his query on the website.

Shortly, the case manager called him back and asked for requirement. The case manager, Sameera Roy then contacted him back with all value added OPD Healthcare plans. Later, with the help of the case manager, he was able to decide to purchase Make my Health Plan. As soon as he bought the plan, the entire paperwork process was initiated by the team. Sameera helped him more clarity like to “how to claim” and other terms & conditions. He was also told how he can avail tax saving benefit on it.

Finally, the patient enrolled with the OPD Health account. Just after his registration, the patient was started the doctor for the treatment. He had pain in the chest and back and also some fever when he met his consultant. Soon, his appointment was scheduled with a senior cardiologist at the Fortis hospital. The doctor took a detailed medical history and conducted the needful investigations. The doctor also advised him to get the angiography done. One a scheduled date, the procedure was carried out successfully. Sumbit also had a complete treatment at the hospital. He got timely

diagnosed. However, he visited doctors many times being followup visits were recommended during the medication. So that doctor can understand side effects and other complication to treat further.

He was convinced by the treatment and also felt glad about the overall services as being a member of

He recommended us to other patient too since he enjoyed Instant support and uninterrupted quick claim settlement process.

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